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 Brickell Citicentre rendering - 2006

The Brickell CitiCentre Condos Complex was a proposed complex of skyscrapers in downtown Miami, Florida. It was an "approved" project, as was approved by both the City of Miami and the Federal Aviation Administration, but the entire complex was canceled in 2008. It was expected to begin in late 2007 or early 2008, with completion in late 2009 or early 2010. If it was built, the three main buildings would have ranked in the top ten of the tallest buildings in Miami. Brickell CitiCentre III, the tallest of the three, was to be 808 ft (246 m) tall, and contain 76 floors. The 76 floors would have tied it with Met 3 for the lead in the tallest building in Miami in terms of floors. The second main building in the complex is Brickell CitiCentre II, which was 769 ft (234 m)-tall, equivalent to 72 floors. Brickell CitiCentre I, the shortest of the three, was going to be 69 floors and 740 ft (226 m) tall, and located on the west side of Miami Avenue, across the street from the other two buildings.

The CitiSquare center, connecting the buildings at their bases, was planned for construction after the three main towers are completed. The complex was set to be built at the corner of South Miami Avenue and Tenth Street, in the western Brickell Financial District of Miami. The Tenth Street Metro Station was one block west of the complex. The architect of the buildings was Arquitectonica.
 Brickell Citicentre / Location
 701 S Miami Ave Miami, FL 33131
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  View Brickell Citicentre in a larger map
Miami approves county's tallest building
Week of September 29, 2005  MiamiToday

By Deserae del Campo
Developers of the $2.2 billion Brickell City Centre won city approval last week to erect the county's tallest building among three towers on either side of South Miami Avenue.
One tower is to have 72 floors, the second 69 and the third, which will rise 808 feet, 76. The tallest building in the county now is the Four Seasons on Brickell Avenue, at less than 800 feet.
The 5.6-acre site at 700 and 701 S. Miami Ave. is to house 2,424 multifamily residential units, 133,721 square feet of office space, 87,438 square feet of retail and restaurant space and 2,808 parking spaces.
Developer Kevin Reilly said he plans to start construction within a year but has not set a price for the residences.
City commissioners cleared the way by accepting a modification of part of the Brickell Commons major use special permit they approved in March 2000.
"It was modified from the old major use special permit," Mr. Reilly said. "I did some changes to it, but overall, everything is the same."
In June, attorney Tony Recio, representing owner Miami Retail Partners LLC and contract purchaser Brickell CitiCenter LLC, applied to modify the major use special permit. In July, the Miami Planning Board voted 6-0 to approve the alteration.
Amenities for Brickell CitiCenter are to include wide sidewalks with ground-level plazas along South Miami Avenue, swimming pools, lap pools, exercise lawns, spas, cafÈ lounges, bar and grills, fitness centers, party rooms and multi-media centers.
"The development and economic impact of this project is very high," said Commissioner Johnny Winton. "It's bringing in almost 1,984 temporary jobs and 75 permanent jobs to the city."
Brickell CitiCenter is expected to bring the city $12 million in annual taxes.
 Height 808 ft   Floors 76 skyscraper
Brickell CitiCentre I Two   Height 769 ft   Floors 72 skyscraper
Brickell CitiCentre II One   Height 740 ft   Floors 69 skyscraper
Posted on Thursday, 06.16.11
Miami planning board speeds along massive Brickell redevelopment proposal
An ambitious mixed-use plan off Brickell Avenue sailed through Miami’s planning and zoning board.
After sailing through its first public hearing with no opposition, the most ballyhooed local redevelopment plan since Midtown Miami appears headed for speedy city approval, promising to transform a long-dead zone off Brickell Avenue into a new urban district characterized by cutting-edge design, pedestrian-friendly streets and novel environmental features.
After heaping praise on the mammoth Brickell CitiCentre proposal, the city’s planning and zoning board voted 7-0 Tuesday night to recommend approval to the city commission, which will take up the project next week in the first of two hearings. No one spoke in opposition, although two speakers raised relatively minor issues.
CBrickell Citicentreity officials, who are co-applicants along with the developer, Swire Properties, told board members the $700 million, mixed-use project will plug a gaping void in the city’s urban core. They said it would inject new life, jobs and commerce into the area, fill city coffers to the tune of $5 million annually in property taxes, and knit together the successful Mary Brickell Village redevelopment to its south with the Miami River and downtown Miami to the north.
Swire, which developed nearby Brickell Key, proposes to erect a residential tower, hotel, two mid-rise office buildings and extensive, street-fronting retail and restaurant space on three-and-a-half mostly vacant blocks straddling South Miami Avenue. Swire said construction could begin as soon as early 2012, would proceed in phases and be completed within four years of its start.
“It will have an immediate effect on our economy,’’ Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado said.
The project, designed in its entirely by Miami-based Arquitectonica, boasts a degree of pedestrian and transit friendliness new to Miami. It’s the first of its scale planned under the city’s new Miami 21 zoning code, designed to create denser and livelier urban streets.
It’s also among the first in the nation to conform to new “green’’ Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, standards that promote creation of sustainable neighborhoods -- dense districts easily navigated on foot, by public transit or by bike.
Swire promises wider sidewalks, hundreds of trees, storefronts open to the street, and a new traffic-calming circulation pattern on the existing streets, now hard to cross because of speeding cars and trucks. The project would also incorporate an existing People Mover station, which would be rebuilt to allow passengers to disembark directly into the development as well as the street below.
A new greenway under the mover guideway would connect to the Miami River. There would be hundreds of bike rack spaces, too.
The project also includes two large pedestrian bridges spanning South Miami Avenue and Southeast Seventh Street. Swire says they will be different from the stark pedestrian bridges erected in the ‘70s, which fell into disfavor because they sapped street life by keeping people inside self-enclosed projects.
CitiCentre’s bridges, Swire says, will have shops and restaurants and are part of a complex circulation plan meant to get people on foot from the People Mover station through the complex and down to ground level, where shops will open directly onto the sidewalks.
“They’re not void spaces,’’ said Arquitectonica principal Bernardo Fort-Brescia. “They will have life and activity.’’
Pedestrians would be shielded from the harsh Miami weather by a “climate ribbon’’ -- a translucent canopy that will snake through the entire project, filtering natural light down to the pedestrian bridges and the open-air shopping areas and gardens at ground level. The canopy, which also have solar panels to feed energy to the complex, would create a cooling “micro-climate’’ beneath it without the use of air conditioning, Fort-Brescia said.
The project hardly stints motorists, however: It would boast two levels of underground parking throughout.
$1.3 billion mixed-use project slated for Brickell   Week of July 28, 2005, Brickell City Centre

A $1.3 billion mixed-use project spanning almost two blocks and 5.5 acres in the Brickell financial district would create Miami's tallest buildings and is expected to get under way within 12 months.
The Brickell CitiCentre project, targeted for vacant land at 700 and 701 S Miami Ave., is to include three towers ranging from 69 to 76 stories with 2,424 residential units, more than 200,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space and 130,000 square feet of office space. Completion is projected in three years.
Miami's Planning Advisory Board unanimously approved the project without discussion last week, and developer Kevin Reilly said he anticipates final approval for a Major Use Special Permit from the city commission in September.
Brickell Citicentre LLC bought the site last October for an undisclosed amount from Miami Retail Partners, LLC - the name of the Millennium Partners entity created for the property.
Officials from Millennium Partners, the New York-based developer of the Four Seasons mixed-use tower on Brickell Avenue, were not available Tuesday for comment.
Millennium's Four Seasons, at 64 stories and 788 feet, 9 inches tall, is now the city's tallest structure. All three proposed Brickell Citicentre towers would rise above it.
Mr. Reilly, who said he is managing member of Brickell CitiCentre LLC and sole owner of the project, said land acquisition was financed internally, and construction costs are to be covered through a loan.
"I am securing a construction loan from major bank, but it hasn't been finalized yet," he said.
One tower is to be on the lot east of South Miami Avenue and the other two on the west side of the street.
The Brickell CitiCentre project that won Miami Planning Advisory Board approval last week to become Miami's tallest buildings is to serve as an entry to the Brickell area between the Miami River and Brickell Village, developer Kevin Reilly said.
"The project has been in the works since last fall," Mr. Reilly said. "The city and I share the same vision for this area, so working with the Planning Department has been a very positive experience and the approval process has gone very smoothly."
Mr. Reilly said he anticipates final approval in September from the city commission.
Although one tower is to rise east of South Miami Avenue and the other two are to be on the west side of the street, at 701 and 700 S Miami Ave. respectively, the two sides will not be physically connected.
"I felt this would take away from the open-air, park-like feel," Mr. Reilly said.
The city had previously suggested providing a direct connection between the Eighth Street Metromover station and the site, but then agreed that a direct connection isn't necessary because the station is easily accessible from Brickell CitiCentre.
"Brickell CitiCentre will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the neighborhood - the South Miami Avenue corridor is undergoing significant redevelopment in the Brickell area," Mr. Reilly said. "With the addition of Brickell CitiCentre, this corridor will soon become one of the city's most attractive and sought-after addresses for modern urban living."
The façade of the garages at the east and west borders of the property will be highlighted with walls that are Mondrian-meets-Miami inspired assembly of clear and frosted acrylic panels assembled in a metal frame, Mr. Reilly said.
The project is to provide ground-level retail, extra-wide sidewalks and urban plazas.
Mr. Reilly said the retail businesses will be a fusion of larger retailers and restaurants, including sidewalk cafes and neighborhood shops.
Amenities in the towers are to include multiple pools, including a saltwater soaking pool; fitness centers; gardens; a recreation deck cafe, and a spa. Units are expected to go on sale this year, Mr. Reilly said. Prices have yet to be set.
Mr. Reilly said Brickell CitiCentre will attract "a sophisticated, discerning buyer drawn by the high level of quality and unique amenities."
"I think Miami continues to be one of the most desirable destinations in the world, and will continue to attract buyers from around the world," he said. "It is the American Riviera."   By Vanessa Krause  

The Miami Brickell City Centre Condos
Future Complex in Miami Florida

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